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You know there has been a lot of false alarms when your rhythm strips are feeding directly into the garbage….

Had an impressive patient this week. An 82 year man came in with foot pain. On H&P, turns out he had ever running 3 miles a day, ever day of the week except Sunday, because Sunday’s are for church, since he left the army almost nearly 60 years ago… By my quick count, that’s over 55,000 miles, in other worlds, he’s circled the globe on foot twice. Not bad for 82.



Oh Monday’s, how I loathe they…. Let me count thy ways…1…2….45.

Oh, and mom, if I am trying to suture the lip of your screaming two year old, you getting hysterical and crying too, doesn’t help, not one bit.

Gettin’ Fizzy with it

The other day this lady came in with an interesting story. Apparently, she had found a bottle of Valtrex in her boyfriends back pack, only it had another woman’s name on it. Assuming that her boyfriend must have contracted herpes, and then passed it on to her, despite her being asymptomatic, she thought she would disinfect herself. But how would one do this you ask?  She henceforth proceeded to pour an entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide on her genitals, but became alarmed when it started to fiz, thinking that must mean that she was indeed infected. So she thus reported to the ED with a chief complaint of “foaming vaginal reaction”.

>To my family…

>I am thrilled that you are all reading my blog. But please, I am trying to keep this anonymous, so if you are going to comment, please refrain from making any remarks about who I am, where I live, where I work etc etc.




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