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I’ve been on toxicology for the past month, which basically involves sitting by a phone for 8 hours a day waiting for someone to call the poison center. Got maybe 3 calls a week… super exciting. A nice break though, but it’s back to the ED in two days, so should hopefully soon have some interesting things to write about.  In the mean time, on the way to work today, the woman walking next to me suddenly belted out to no one in particular “HELL YEAH, BAKED MAC n’ CHEESE TOMORROW!” and then just kept on walking. Long live Thanksgiving.

That’s what she said.

I was cleaning out my work bag tonight, getting ready for my first ER shift as an R2 in the morning, and I found a few scraps of paper where I had written down some patient quotes and stories. Of the ones that are still legible after my water bottle exploded in the bag…


Male patient: “I may have 18 kids, but I’m very selective as to whom I sleep with.”


Me: Is there any chance you are pregnant?

Female patient: Nah

Me: Are you sexually active

Female patient: Hell yeah

Me: Do you use any sort of birth control?

Female patient: Nah. Look, I know I’m not pregnant

Me: What makes you know that?

Female patient I’m not pregnant cause I don’t want to be. That’s all I need.

Me: Hmmmm, that’s not exactly how that works….

>That’s what she said….

>We’re doing cafeteria rounds this morning, and we’re at the end of all the patient presentations. It’s taken longer than normal and people are a little anxious to get to their work, but one of the third years was asked to prepare a topic to present. He whips out this stack of handouts, each one about 6 pages, with lots of bullet points and grafts. He must have picked up on everyone sensing that by the look of things, his presentation was going to take a while…referring to his packet as he handed it out…

“This won’t take very long, its not nearly as big as it looks”


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